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Taiwan Tourism Revenue Hits Record High

Taiwan’s tourism revenue reached a high of nearly $11.8 billion in 2012. That’s an annual increase of 6.36 percent, according to Taiwan’s tourism bureau.
A survey showed that, per capita, tourists from Taiwan spent an average $234 per day. Japanese tourists topped the list at $308 per day, followed by tourists from mainland China, averaging $265.26 per day.
In terms of shopping, Chinese travelers’ average spending was $157.37 per day while Japanese tourists’ spent an average of $71.36 per day.
According to the survey, 95 percent of travelers to Taiwan are satisfied with the overall experience. Korean travelers satisfaction rate was only 84.8 percent, whereas Chinese tourists’ satisfaction was the highest 98.1 percent, followed by New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong and Macao, the United States.
The report was based on surveys conducted regularly at Kaohsiung International Airport, Taipei (Songshan) International Airport and Taiwan Taoyuan International airport.
This report originally appeared on VOA Chinese.