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The Prank Is on All of Us in This Film

The Prank is on All of Us in This Film
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Meet the famous YouTubers Roman Atwood, Dennis Roady and Vitaly Zdorovetskiy. They have been partners in crime - in pranks that were so funny they were criminal - since before YouTube careers really existed. They set up hidden cameras and recorded funny and extreme jokes they played on random people.

Now they have just released a movie, "Natural Born Pranksters", that includes 30+ real pranks on real people.

"The planning of the movie was longer than the production," Atwood told us. "...It took about six months to come up with the pranks and pursue legality to get the pranks approved. Then it took us 30 days to shoot the entire movie."

This trio's pranks have hit a billion views on YouTube. Now that they are making their way to the big screen, no one can predict how extreme and crazy they can be.

"You should go see this movie because we did pranks that we cannot put on YouTube," says Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, known as VitalyzdTv on YouTube, where he bills himself as "Russian Dude With A Camera and Some Wonderful Ideas."

These are pranks that YouTube would flag and remove, Zdorovetskiy explains, but "a movie and big production" can get away with. Their trailer for the film, which does appear on YouTube, shows there is considerable latitude for stretching the conventional bounds of Internet acceptability.

WATCH: "Natural Born Pranksters" official trailer

"One of my favorite scenes is the gasoline prank where we almost got beat up by the person we were pranking," VitalyzdTv says. "You will see a lot of action, fighting scenes, and comedy."

Devising their stunts and then getting lawyers to sign off on them took quite a while, the Natural Born Pranksters said. The finished product includes work by some of the best filmmakers, such as those who produced Jackass: The Movie. It also features some other YouTubers, Jenna Marbles and Logan Paul.

"People watch our pranks on YouTube worldwide; they’re everywhere," says Dennis Roady. "However, the pranks in this movie you won’t find anywhere, and you don’t want to miss it [because] they violate the terms of YouTube."

Doing his own advance publicity, Roady said, "The movie will be out on April 1 and you can download it on iTunes and Android."

Can you imagine sitting down for an interview with these guys?! I sat for an hour talking to them about their movie and they probably pulled at least 10 pranks on me. I wonder what else they do to people in the movie.

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