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Thousands March Against Extremism and Terrorism in Brussels

An organizer leads children holding signs out of the Molenbeek district during a march against hate in Brussels on Sunday, April 17, 2016.

About 7,000 demonstrators marched against extremism Sunday thorough central Brussels, a city still in shock over last month's terrorist attacks that killed 32.

One of the organizers called the march "a moment of reflection, a message of compassion for the victims and a moment when citizens come together."

The demonstrators included followers of many faiths, including a group of Muslims who carried a sign reading: "Love is my religion and my faith."

The march came though Brussels' Molenbeek neighborhood, home to many Muslims and where investigators suspect extremist plots are hatched.

Suicide bombers last month killed 32 people at the Brussels airport and in a subway station.

Police have arrested six suspects so far, and they say the extremist cell that attacked Brussels was linked to the November night of terror in Paris that killed 130 people.