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Three Astronauts Return from International Space Station

International Space Station (ISS) crew members Russian cosmonauts Evgeny Tarelkin (L) and Oleg Novitskiy (C) and U.S. astronaut Kevin Ford sit together at Kustanay Airport after they landed near the town of Arkalyk, March 16, 2013.
Three astronauts have returned safely to Earth from the International Space Station.

U.S. astronaut Kevin Ford and his Russian counterparts Oleg Novitskiy and Evgeny Tarelkin landed safely Saturday morning in a Russian Soyuz capsule on the snow-covered steppes of Kazakhstan.

The three men had spent 144 days on the space station.

Their return, originally scheduled for Friday, was delayed a day because of poor weather conditions in the landing area.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is now at the helm of the remaining 3-member ISS crew.