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FBI: Shooting Near US National Security Agency Not Linked to Terrorism

FILE - In his June 6, 2013, photo, the National Security Agency campus is pictured in Fort Meade, Maryland.

A shooting incident Wednesday near the U.S. National Security Agency outside Washington was not linked to terrorism, an FBI official said.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Gordon Johnson said three men in a black sports utility vehicle tried to gain unauthorized entry to the secure spy agency at daybreak and were arrested, with their car crashing into a concrete barrier at one entrance to the facility at Fort Meade in suburban Maryland.

He said investigators "have no reason to believe that there's any nexus at all to terrorism." Johnson said investigators were questioning the suspects in the case, trying "to figure out why they were here."

Shooting broke out, although authorities did not say who fired the shots. The driver of the SUV, an NSA police officer and a civilian bystander were injured in the incident, although it did not appear that any of them were hit by the gunfire. All were hospitalized for treatment.

The SUV's front window was riddled with bullet holes and the vehicle's air bags had deployed. Blood-stained items could be seen on the ground nearby.

The NSA, the spy agency responsible for the U.S.'s global electronic eavesdropping to combat possible terrorist threats, said there is no ongoing security or safety threat.

U.S. President Donald Trump was briefed on the incident.

A White House statement said, "Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has been affected."