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US Armed Forces Sexual Conduct Videos Evolve, Somewhat


This screenshot from the 1965 U.S. Navy training film "Blondes Prefer Gentlemen" shows what to do in a "dangerous" dating situation.
The U.S. armed forces will soon be revamping the way it trains service members about proper sexual conduct, following recent allegations of sexual misconduct.

With its members spread throughout the world, the Defense Department often turns to training videos to teach important lessons. As the Army, Navy, and Air Force look to update their approach, we take a look back at how the armed forces have used film as an educational tool.

Private SNAFU: Booby Traps
1944 cartoon produced for the U.S. Army Signal Corps starring Private SNAFU ("Situation Normal, All Fouled Up"). Theodore "Dr. Seuss" Geisel and Phil Eastman wrote the storylines, while Warner Brothers Animation Studios produced the 26 cartoons aimed to educate and boost the morale of troops.

Blondes Prefer Gentlemen

1965 U.S. Navy "training" film on what to do in "dangerous" situations and how to handle them. This spot and its sister film, "How to Succeed with Brunettes," cost taxpayers $64,000, about $446,000 today, according to the National Archives.

How to Succeed With Brunettes

1965 U.S. Navy film demonstrating “proper” dating etiquette for officers.

Amateur Night Short Film

2011 short Army film on sexual harassment and sexual assault prevention. The U.S. Army currently uses videos, video games and interactive role plays to help service members understand how to interact with the opposite sex in a healthy, respectful manner.