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Tigers Maul Two Women at Drive-Through Safari in Beijing

This video frame grab received from China's state broadcaster CCTV on July 25, 2016, shows a tiger (far R) attacking a passenger after she stepped out a car at Beijing Badaling Wildlife World on July 23, 2016.

Tigers at a wildlife park in China killed one woman and seriously injured another after the women left their vehicle at a drive-through safari.

The attack occurred Saturday at Badaling Wildlife World in Beijing.

Video of the incident shows the tiger pouncing on a woman after she got out of a private car, following an argument with someone inside.

A second woman was killed by another tiger after she left the vehicle to try to help the first woman.

A man who aided the rescue attempt and a small child traveling with the women were not injured.

Visitors to the park are allowed to drive their own vehicles, but are prohibited from exiting them at any time.

Officials at the park say it is closed for two days due to heavy rain.