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New York Police Investigate Attempted Car Bombing

In New York, police continue to investigate a car bomb that failed to detonate Saturday in the city's central Times Square area. Larry Freund reports from New York.

Rain fell on New York's Times Square as New York police investigators fanned out in search of additional evidence in the attempted car bombing of the area. The parked vehicle was spotted Saturday by a street vendor and members of the police bomb squad were able to disable the device.

Film from a surveillance camera - which has been constantly replayed on television - shows a man standing near the vehicle, removing an outer shirt and walking away. But New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg cautioned that investigators are also looking at other evidence.

"In every investigation there are lots of tapes that show things that turn out not to be germane to the investigation after some time," said Bloomberg. "If you see something, if you know something about this person, if you recognize him, call the police. But it is hardly the only avenue that we are going down. And I think people are rushing to judgment that we found the big clue. We may but we may not have. And we do not know."

Police are looking at hundreds of hours of footage from surveillance cameras, described by New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

"There are 82 cameras in the area, 34th to 51st Streets, 6th to 8th Avenues," said Kelly. "Those cameras are in the process of being examined. We will be talking to business people in the area today, who may have cameras, but we did not have access to Saturday night."

Police say they have spoken with the registered owner of the vehicle, but have not said whether that person is regarded as a suspect.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says it is too early in the investigation to determine whether the attempted bombing was of foreign or domestic origin. He adds that whoever was behind the incident intended to spread terror across New York and that there would have been a substantial loss of life if the device had exploded.