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Togo Opposition Leaders Call for Week-Long Sex Strike

Opposition leader Isabelle Ameganvi calls on Togo's women to observe a one-week sex strike in Togo to demand the resignation of the country's president, August 25, 2012
Women from the “Let's Save Togo” coalition have called on all females in the country to refrain from sex for a week to force Togolese men into supporting the group during their demonstrations against the government.

For weeks, Togo has seen clashes between security forces and protesters who are demanding a delay in the coming October parliamentary elections, as well changes to the country’s electoral law, which they argued was passed without their input.

Isabelle Ameganvi, president of the National Alliance for Change party, which is part of the “Let’s Save Togo” coalition, said the Togolese women got their no-sex protest idea from Liberian women during that country’s civil war.

“We want to fight as women of Liberia because when they started to do the sex strike, the men obliged to end the war and peace came back again in Liberia. That’s why we want to do the same thing in Togo to oblige the Togolese opposition to fight and end the system of oppression which has directed Togo for 16 years,” she said.

Ameganvi said she’s confident the women of the “Let’s Save Togo” Coalition will follow the call to deprive their men of sex for a week.

“When the first strike was started yesterday, the men of 'Let’s Save Togo' came and they begged the women to lessen this idea because the idea was very difficult for them. But all the women who were at the manifestation said ‘no,’" Ameganvi said.

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She said the women intend to ratchet up their protest on Thursday if authorities do not release protesters who were arrested last week, including going in the streets of the capital, Lome, naked.

“The sex strike is not the only manifestation we have decided to do. You know that when “Let’s Save Togo” had many manifestations this week, they arrested seven young men, and then we decided that if Thursday they don’t free them, we will make a manifestation without clothes,” she said.

Ameganvi said Togolese women have borne the brunt of many of Togo’s economic and political problems and can no longer take it.

“The opposition wants the government which has ruled Togo for 15 years must go and democracy must come in Togo because we are in a system of dictatorship, and human rights are not respected, economic problems are so many, and the women are the victims of all these problems. And we say enough is enough,” Ameganvi said.