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Top 5 Most Shared Posts on Facebook and Twitter

Continuing our look back at the top posts of the past school year, here are your...

Top 5 most shared posts on Facebook and Twitter:

#1) Transforming from Passive Student to Active Advocate: Shu Wen’s Story
They talked about how free the U.S. education is and they talked about liberal arts education where if you are undecided of what your major is you can try a couple of disciplines first until you find your passion. It kind of struck me, so I just took my chance and applied to several schools in the U.S., and finally got in.

#2) Do You Know How to Give an ‘American Hug?’
Topics covered: (1) How to recognize an American; (2) how to greet an American you’ve just met; (3) how to greet an American after having a few beers.

#3) Don’t Study in the US (or, How to Make an Informed Choice): Part 1
Although female education is being promoted very rapidly, parents don’t like to risk sending their daughters overseas to study…. As far as I am concerned, I hope to get graduated from Pakistan. I think my parents will probably allow me when I’m old enough to continue higher education from overseas because they will think of me capable enough to make a decision such as this wisely by then.

#4) Waiting for that Admissions Letter?, Question of the Week
To this day I have not actually opened that letter. I held the envelope up to the light and read the words “We regret to inform you.” At the time I was devastated, of all the schools I applied to (and it was a lot) I was only accepted to three.

#5) How to Speak English Fluently?, by Nick Hoang
There is nothing like the difficulty in trying to pronounce some of English’s most difficult words. For me, the toughest words to master were words like “weird,” “judge,” and “noodle.”