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Toronto Elects New Mayor, Ending Troubled Era of Doug Ford

John Tory waves with his wife Barbara Hackett after being elected as mayor in Toronto, Oct. 27, 2014.

Residents of Toronto, Canada have elected a new mayor to replace outgoing Mayor Rob Ford, who has garnered international headlines for his drug and alcohol use and publicly boorish behavior.

With 100 percent of the vote counted, conservative candidate John Tory won Monday's election with over 40 percent of vote, defeating Doug Ford, Rob Ford's brother, who gained 33 percent of the vote. A third candidate, left-leaning Olivia Chow, finished with just 23 percent.

Tory, a former cable television company executive and radio broadcaster, lost the 2010 mayoral race to the incumbent mayor.

Mayor Ford dropped his reelection bid last month after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of abdominal cancer, prompting the brothers to switch places - while Doug ran for mayor, Rob ran for Doug's seat on the city council.

Despite his notoriety, the outgoing mayor suggested Monday during a speech to his supporters that he will seek the top job again in 2018.

"Folks, if you know anything about the Ford family, we never ever, ever give up," he said. "And I guarantee, I guarantee in four more years you're going to see another example of the Ford family never, ever, ever giving up."

The younger Ford is guaranteed to remain a factor in Toronto politics during that time - he won election Monday to his brother's city council seat.

The turmoil that marred Mayor Ford's tenure began when pictures surfaced of him smoking crack cocaine. He initially denied the allegations, but finally said he had smoked crack during what he called "a drunken stupor."

He has since been photographed behaving erratically and intoxicated, and even smoking a crack pipe again. The mayor finally entered a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program back in April, but not before the Toronto city council stripped him of most of mayoral powers.