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Trump 'Tombstone' Mystery Solved

An image posted on social media depicts the Trump tombstone in New York's Central Park (Instagram by gothamist). Surreptitiously installed in March, it has since been removed by New York police.

The mystery surrounding Donald Trump's New York tombstone has been solved.

The very-much-alive presumptive U.S. Republican presidential nominee was never buried, but a New York artist looking to make a political statement commissioned a tombstone maker to etch a marker with "Trump, Donald J." and an epitaph, "Made America Hate Again."

In late March, the tombstone, 190 kilograms of Vermont granite, was mysteriously positioned in Central Park, New York's popular leafy urban oasis. Lots of passersby who saw it were amused by the tombstone's parody of Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."

But workers quickly removed the headstone and New York police set out trying to find out who pulled off the stunt.

Police determined 33-year-old artist Brian Whitely had commissioned the Trump gravestone.

The previously unidentified artist had earlier told The New York Times that he was "trying to remind Donald what type of legacy he's leaving behind." The artist told the newspaper that by leaving the date of Trump's death off the tombstone, he was "alluding to the fact that there's still time to change who he is."

Whitely was not charged with any crime and the tombstone is being stored by police.