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Turkey Arrests More Generals, Businessmen as Post-Coup Crackdown Continues


Pedestrians cross a bridge over a highway in Istanbul, Aug. 18, 2016.
Pedestrians cross a bridge over a highway in Istanbul, Aug. 18, 2016.

Turkish authorities on Thursday issued warrants for six generals and several other military officials, as well as 16 businessmen in connection with the July failed coup attempt, state-run media reported.

Turkey claims those who were arrested or issued warrants had connections to the U.S.-based preacher Fethullah Gulen, whom Ankara has blamed for instigating the coup attempt that left more than 270 people dead.

Some of the businessmen arrested include two brothers who run pastry shops, and a clothing maker, all of whom Ankara claims are part of the “Gulenist Terrorist Organization” (FETO), Turkey’s Anadolu news agency reports.

Gulen has denied any involvement in the failed coup attempt.

The new arrests and warrants come just a day after Turkey detained several people, including three journalists and a politician, and issued 105 warrants for others it claims are connected with Gulen.

Since the coup attempt in July, nearly 5,000 military personnel have been discharged and almost 43,000 people have been removed from government jobs. At least 17,000 people have been arrested and are facing trial, and tens of thousands more have been detained by Turkish authorities.