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Turkey Indicts 33 in Anti-Government Plot

Turkish prosecutors have indicted 33 people in an alleged plot to discredit and destabilize the current government.

Turkish officials said Friday the suspects were planning to assassinate prominent members of the country's Christian and Jewish communities, and carry out other attacks on minority groups.

Officials said the suspects then planned to blame Islamic extremists in order to discredit the government.

Prosecutors said the plot involved three navy admirals and several other current and retired military officers.

On Thursday, Turkish media reported that authorities detained some 20 people as part of an investigation into the "Ergenekon" network - a suspected right-wing group that prosecutors allege intends to trigger a military coup.

Turkish authorities have charged more than 200 people, including military and police officers, journalists, and academics with having links to a plot to overthrow the ruling Justice and Development Party or AKP.