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Turkey Sends Battalion Into Iraq

FILE - Members of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces stand guard at a security point on Bashiqa mountain, overlooking Islamic State held territories of Mosul, 12 kilometers northeast of Mosul City.

Turkish troops have entered Iraq, for what U.S. officials say appear to be training exercises with Iraqi anti-Islamic State forces.

A Turkish official told Reuters the troops were in the Mosul Bashiqa region for “routine training exercises.” The troops crossed the border about 30 kilometers from the IS-held city of Mosul.

Turkish media reported the deployment, which included tanks and other armored vehicles, was part of a regular turnover with the new Turkish troops replacing special forces that had previously been conducting training for anti-IS forces in the area.

U.S. officials confirmed the move late Friday, saying one Turkish battalion had positioned itself on the Iraqi side of the border.

“They say they're training, seems like they are,” one official told VOA on condition of anonymity.

The U.S. says the deployment is not part of coalition efforts against the Islamic State terror group, but was instead part of a Turkish-Iraqi arrangement.

Turkish officials said it had notified U.S. and other coalition countries in advance of the deployment.