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Turkish Nationalists Indicted in Attack on US Sailors

FILE - U.S. sailors stand aboard the USS Ross as it leaves from the port of Istanbul, Nov. 13, 2014.

Turkish prosecutors have indicted 13 Turkish ultra-nationalists on charges related to an attack on three U.S. sailors in Istanbul last month.

Thursday's indictment charges the attackers with violating public protest laws and causing insult and injury. It also says prosecutors are seeking jail sentences of up to 10 years for the attackers, members of the Turkish Youth Union.

The indictment includes testimony from U.S. sailors who filed a complaint with police following the incident.

The attack occurred after the sailors disembarked from the guided missile destroyer USS Ross in Istanbul. The ultra-nationalists subsequently hurled balloons filled with red paint at the sailors, put sacks over their heads, and called them murderers with chants of "Yankee Go Home."

The sailors escaped unharmed and returned to the ship.

The United States and Turkey both condemned the attack.

A video posted online by the Turkish Youth Union shows its members attacking the sailors, who were not in uniform.

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