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Two Fun English Learning Games

Two fun online games to help you improve your English that we've stumbled across this week:

1) Knoword - a vocabulary and spelling game. The computer gives you a definition and the first letter, and you type in the word. You can also switch between American English and British/Canadian English. Thanks to the QI elves for the tip.

2) LyricsTraining - A game based on song lyrics. You select from a set of YouTube videos, and as the video plays you fill in the missing song lyrics. Song lyrics can be particularly tricky, and even native English speakers can sometimes have trouble - for a good laugh, visit KissThisGuy, a website of misheard song lyrics (via @ESLGurus).

And studying English ever gets too hard, here's some inspiration. New research shows that learning a second language helps delay memory loss and could even prevent Alzheimer's disease.