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Attack on Somalia Parliament Kills 5


Somalian security forces walk past the remains of a car after it exploded outside Somali parliament building, Mogadishu, July 5, 2014.

Somali police say a suicide car bombing outside the country's parliament has killed at least five people, including at least two soldiers guarding the building.

The al-Qaida-linked militant group al-Shabab claimed responsibility for Saturday's blast in the capital, Mogadishu, and says such attacks will continue.

Officials say the car loaded with explosives blew up when it was stopped by soldiers at a checkpoint before reaching the entrance to parliament. Parliament was in session at the time of the blast. About a dozen people were wounded, including seven civilians from a nearby internal refugee camp.

Al-Shabab at one point held large parts of Somalia, but was pushed out of major cities by African Union forces and the Somali government.

The group has continued to carry out attacks, including a May assault on parliament that killed 18 people.