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Two Stabbed in Israeli Settlement Supermarket

FILE - A laborer works on an apartment building project in a Jewish settlement known to Israelis as Har Homa and to Palestinians as Jabal Abu Ghneim in the West Bank.

A Palestinian teenager stabbed two people in a supermarket near an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday and was shot by a security guard, police and an ambulance service said.

“The terrorist was apparently neutralized. There are two wounded, in addition to the terrorist, who was shot,” a spokesman for the Magen David Adom ambulance service said on Israel Radio.

The incident occurred in the Rami Levi supermarket near Maale Adumim, a large settlement east of Jerusalem.

Police said the two people stabbed by the attacker, whom they identified as a 16-year-old Palestinian, were taken to hospital with moderate injuries. The condition of the assailant was not immediately clear.

Tensions have risen in past weeks over access to a Jerusalem holy site where al-Aqsa mosque now stands and Biblical Jewish Temples once stood.

On Monday, a Palestinian woman stabbed and lightly injured an Israeli civilian in the Etzion bloc of Jewish settlements near Jerusalem, and was then shot and wounded by security forces, the military and police said.

Recent attacks carried out by Palestinians have killed 11 Israelis. Twelve Palestinians have also been killed, including several of the assailants.