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Tunisian Troops Killed in Clash with Militants

Tunisia map

Islamist militants on Monday killed two Tunisian soldiers who were searching for a kidnapped shepherd in a western region of the country near the Algerian border, the military said.

Four soldiers were also wounded during the search near Mount Sammama, military spokesman Belhassen Oueslati said.

The army has been carrying out operations in western Tunisia, where dozens of security forces have died battling Islamic extremists.

The military did not identify which group of extremists might have carried out Monday's attack.

Islamic State militants have claimed responsibility for two attacks this year on Tunisian tourist spots, killing 59 people.

Last week, Tunisian civil society groups won the Nobel Peace Prize for bridging disputes between Islamist and opposition legislators and helping the country build a democracy.

The so-called Arab Spring originated in Tunisia in 2010 and 2011 and quickly spread to other nations, sparking popular uprisings calling for democratic reform.

While Tunisia managed a successful democratic transition, other nations in North Africa and the Middle East are still struggling to regain stability.