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3 UAE Nationals Arrested After Tanzania Bombing

Bomb experts from the military secure the scene of an explosion at the new Catholic church in the northern Tanzanian town of Arusha, May 5, 2013.
Officials say three of the suspects arrested in connection with Sunday's church bombing in Tanzania are from the United Arab Emirates, not Saudi Arabia as originally reported.

The UAE foreign ministry confirmed that three of its nationals have been arrested in Tanzania and said it is watching developments in the East African country.

Also, the French news agency AFP quotes a Tanzanian official in Arusha as saying the four foreigners arrested after the church bombing include three Emiratis and a Saudi.

That official, Magesa Mulongo, says the four were arrested trying to cross the border into Kenya.

The bomb attack in Arusha Sunday killed two people and wounded 60. It targeted a newly-built Catholic church as it held its inaugural Mass.

A Vatican envoy was present for the ceremony but was not hurt.

At least two Tanzanians have been arrested in the case. Authorities have not identified a motive for the attack.