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UN: Islamic State Killing Civilians who Don't Cooperate in Mosul

Iraqi citizens who fled the fighting between the Islamic State militants and the Iraqi forces, walk in front of destroyed houses on their way to receive aid supplies and clothes, in the Samah front line neighborhood, in Mosul, Iraq, Nov. 28, 2016. The off

Islamic State militants in the Iraqi city of Mosul have killed civilians who refuse to allow rockets and snipers to be sited in their houses or whom they suspect of leaking information or trying to flee, a U.N. human rights spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

"On Nov. 11, ISIL reportedly shot and killed 12 civilians in Bakir neighborhood of eastern Mosul city for allegedly refusing to let it install rockets on the rooftops of their houses," Ravina Shamdasani told a regular U.N. briefing.

Information received by the U.N. also showed that militants publicly shot to death 27 civilians in Muhandiseen Park in northern Mosul on Nov. 25, and on Nov. 22 an Islamic State sniper killed a seven-year-old running towards the Iraqi Security Forces in Adan neighborhood in eastern Mosul.