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United Arab Emirates Says It Will Not Suspend BlackBerry Service

A BlackBerry user in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, displays a text message sent by his service provider notifying him of 11 Oct, 2010 suspension of services, 05 Aug 2010

The United Arab Emirates has decided not to suspend BlackBerry's messenger service as planned after resolving a dispute with the manufacturer of the devices.

The UAE had said it would suspend service on October 11 unless Canada's Research in Motion (RIM) brought the devices into compliance with the federation's telecommunications laws. Details of the agreement were not released.

The service shutdown could have impacted at least a half million customers who live and travel through the region.

BlackBerry is still facing potential bans in India.

Kuwait said Sunday it has no intention of banning BlackBerry services, but is talking to RIM about government concerns.

The countries have expressed concerns that the smart phone's secure email and instant messaging services could be used by terrorists because security agencies can not intercept the communication.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.