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Unsolicited Tesla Ad Grabs Attention

Advertising companies in United States usually charge millions of dollars to produce TV commercials for cars, but a California start-up proved that with imagination, you can attract viewers with a mere $1500.

Two recent college graduates, owners of a Los Angeles company called Everdream Pictures, decided to try their luck in the fiercely competitive market and put all their money into a 60-second unsolicited commercial for the electric car Tesla.

In the video, a young boy stumbles upon a new Tesla Model S in his dad's garage while pretending to be an astronaut launched into space. He gets into the driver's seat and in his imagination, the car becomes a space ship. Just as he's about to go into warp drive, his dad appears in the garage. For a moment the two exchange tense glances. Then, the dad smiles, puts on his son's cardboard space helmet and joins him in imagined space travel.

The commercial proved that it pays to dream big. Tesla Motors has never advertised to consumers, but the company's owner Elon Musk saw the ad and tweeted "I love it!" -- which attracted a lot of attention.

The video found its way onto Tesla's Facebook and Instagram feeds and, even more important for the young enterpreneurs, Musk says he may consider Everdream Pictures for future projects.