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US Airstrike Destroys Millions of Islamic State Dollars

  • VOA News

FILE - The Islamic State is funded, in part, through oil. Here, a youth works at a makeshift oil refinery in Syria that, according to its owner, gets the crude oil from Islamic State-controlled areas of Syria and Iraq.

A U.S. airstrike hit a cash storage building in Mosul, Iraq, sending millions of dollars of Islamic State money up in smoke, the Pentagon confirmed Monday.

A Pentagon official said the cash came from illicit activity, including oil sales, looting and extortion.

Officials do not know exactly how much money was destroyed or what currency it was in, but say this was not the first time a U.S. airstrike has hit a cash storage facility.

U.S. coalition airstrikes have been increasingly targeting the terrorist group's money-making abilities, including targeting trucks the Islamic State uses to sell oil on the black market.

The Islamic State has occupied Mosul, Iraq's largest city, since August 2014.