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US Army Sergeant Receives Medal of Honor

Ty Carter receives the Medal of Honor from Pres. Obama
The highest U.S. military honor has been presented to Army Staff Sergeant Ty Carter, who risked his life to save a wounded soldier who was pinned down by enemy fire during a 2009 battle in Afghanistan.

President Obama presented the Congressional Medal of Honor to Sergeant Carter during a ceremony Monday at the White House. Obama called Carter a true hero and said his service and selfless actions saved many lives.

Carter is the second U.S. service member to receive the award for bravery in an October 3, 2009 battle, during which Taliban insurgents tried to overrun Combat Outpost Keating in Afghanistan's Nuristan province. Eight U.S. soldiers were killed in the fighting.

It is the first battle since the Vietnam War in which two living service members earned the Medal of Honor. Staff Sergeant Clinton Romesha received his medal in February.

The last battle for which two living service members received the Medal of Honor was the 1967 Battle of Ap Bac in Vietnam.