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US Automakers Pledge Protection of Driver’s Privacy

File - An automobile is seen driving on a U.S. road.

Automakers in the U.S. have agreed to protect the privacy of data collected by newer, increasingly computerized cars, about their drivers’ habits and the whereabouts of the vehicle.

In the landmark document signed by 19 companies that manufacture most of the cars and trucks sold in the U.S., carmakers promise that information streamed or downloaded from cars’ computers will not be transferred to government agencies without a court order.

Automakers also promise not to sell the data to others, such as insurance companies and advertisers, without the driver’s permission.

Most of the recent models are equipped with communications and navigation devices that wirelessly inform the manufacturers about the status of the vehicle’s systems, calculate its position, or alert drivers to difficult driving conditions ahead.

Industry officials also say carmakers are working with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on a new set of principles that will guide the implementation of the next step in car technology - vehicle-to-vehicle communication, V2V for short.

Automakers say cars with V2V technology will lower the number of highway accidents by alerting drivers about possible collisions.

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