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US First Lady Promotes Anti-Obesity Initiative

US first lady Michelle Obama gestures during a briefing on an obesity study presentation during her visit to Fort Jackson, South Carolina (File Photo).

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama is celebrating the one-year anniversary of her "Let's Move" initiative, aimed at fighting the problem of childhood obesity.

Mrs. Obama was in New York City Wednesday on a two-day publicity tour, promoting the cause on two popular morning news and entertainment programs.

The first lady said on ABC television program Live with Regis and Kelly the U.S. has come far on the obesity issue, but still has a long way to go.

Mrs. Obama also visited an NBC News program Today, where she said her healthy initiative is about "balancing" children's diets, a philosophy she says she promotes with her daughters: nine-year-old Sasha and 12-year-old Malia.

She also put to rest rumors that her husband, President Barack Obama, is dying his graying hair. She said his hair has a lot of gray, and she joked that had he known he was going to be president he would have dyed his hair a decade ago.

The first lady travels to the southeastern state of Georgia later Wednesday to visit a school that has adopted her anti-obesity initiative. She also speaks at a local church.

Mrs. Obama has gained wide backing for her program in the past year with Congress passing a $4.5 billion child nutrition bill. And last month, Wal-Mart pledged to reduce sugar, sodium and trans fats in thousands of its products to show its support for the program.