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US Hails Auto Industry in Economy's Comeback

Vice President Joe Biden speaks to workers at Bonneville & Son's car dealership in Manchester, New Hampshire, May 25, 2011

The Obama administration says the resurgence of the automobile industry is a sign the economy is making great strides.

During its weekly address Saturday, Vice President Joe Biden said Chrysler Corporation repaid the taxpayer's bailout six years ahead of schedule this week, and General Motors, another recipient of the bailout, is now adding thousands of jobs to its payroll.

Biden says President Barack Obama remains focused on putting Americans back to work so they can support their families.

As the Memorial Day holiday approaches, the vice president said Americans should remember to support their military families.

Biden says gratitude can be shown to the men and women who sacrifice for the country's security and freedom by a simple expression of kindness, as modest as helping with a chore.

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In the Republican address, Republican Representative Eric Cantor from the eastern U.S. state of Virginia also urged Americans to pay tribute to the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the country's freedom.

He also said it was time to put Americans back to work by ending the government's reliance on what he described as "gimmicks."

The House majority leader called on the government to cut taxes and to reduce regulations that hamper businesses. Cantor also urged the Obama administration to complete several pending trade agreements with other countries and expand the search for energy sources in the U.S.

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