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US Holocaust Museum, Cemetery Ask People to Avoid Playing Pokemon Go

FILE - People line to enter the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.

People playing the hit Nintendo smartphone game Pokemon Go are being asked to set aside their search for digital creatures while visiting two somber locations in the U.S. capital.

The U.S. Holocaust Museum and Arlington National Cemetery both issued statements Tuesday asking people to refrain from playing at their locations out of respect.

"We require the highest level of decorum from our guests and visitors," the cemetery said. "Playing games such as 'Pokemon Go' on these hallowed grounds would not be deemed appropriate."

The Holocaust Museum said it welcomes visitors using technology "while being respectful of our role as a memorial."

Players are being encouraged to explore other places while searching for Pokemon, such as U.S. national parks.

The National Park Service posted a video suggesting people enjoy the beauty of the parks, but to keep their eyes open so they do not run into "real wildlife" while chasing the virtual characters.