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US Senate Honors Ted Stevens

The U.S. Senate has paid tribute to former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, who died in a plane crash Monday.

The resolution passed Thursday in a brief special session. Senators, who are on their summer recess now, had previously agreed to unanimously adopt the measure honoring the memory of the long-time lawmaker. Two lawmakers were present for the voice vote Thursday.

The 86-year-old Stevens represented Alaska for 40 years before leaving office in 2008. He was the longest-serving Republican in Senate history.

The Senate Thursday also passed legislation on border security. Senators from both parties agreed beforehand to "unanimous consent" votes on the Stevens resolution and the legislation, which allowed most members to skip the proceedings.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski said there will also be a time after September 13, when the chamber reconvenes, for senators to memorialize their former colleague on the Senate floor.

The border security legislation passed Thursday is the same $600 million bill that House members approved Tuesday. Senators passed it before the recess began, but a technical error required that they vote again before the bill is sent to the president to be signed into law.