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US Offers Greenland $12 Million Aid Package

FILE - The sun sets over Nuuk, Greenland, July. 31, 2017.

The U.S State Department announced Thursday a $12.1 million aid package for Greenland along with plans to re-open a consulate in the capital, Nuuk.

A State Department official, briefing reporters in a teleconference, said the aid will go to developing natural resources, energy technologies, education and tourism, among other investments.

The official said the package is part of an effort by the U.S. to adjust its Arctic policy after China and Russia's recent military and economic investments in the region.

Greenland, an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Demark, welcomed the aid package, though several lawmakers added they supported it as long as it did not come with any conditions.

The move comes less than a year after U.S. President Trump expressed an interest in buying Greenland from Denmark, an idea that was rejected and mocked by both Danish and Greenland officials. When Danish Prime Minister Mette Fredrickson called the idea "absurd," Trump canceled a planned state visit to the country.

Greenland has a population of 56,000 but is rich in natural resources.