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Venezuelan Supreme Court Approves Emergency Powers for President

FILE - A mural of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro can be seen on the wall of a house in the popular neighborhood of Petare in Caracas, Venezuela.

Venezuela's Supreme Court has ruled that President Nicolas Maduro's request for special powers to stave off an economic emergency is legal, despite criticism from the country's legislature.

The Caracas-based court ruled Thursday that Maduro's decree granting the president expanded authority over the economy for 60 days is legitimate. The court said opposition lawmakers did not follow the correct procedures for opposing the measure.

Maduro had asked the court for emergency powers to counteract the country's deep economic crisis by taking over the resources of private companies, imposing currency controls, and using "other social, economic, or political measures deemed fitting."

The government says the move is an attempt to stimulate production, but the opposition accuses the government of extending the reach of its power too far.