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VOA immigration weekly recap, April 14- 20

FILE - In this image from a video, a migrants caravan leaves San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Jan. 20, 2024, in hopes of reaching the United States.
FILE - In this image from a video, a migrants caravan leaves San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Jan. 20, 2024, in hopes of reaching the United States.

Editor's note: Here is a look at immigration-related news around the U.S. this week. Questions? Tips? Comments? Email the VOA immigration team:

White House says plans to address causes of migration show results

The White House's strategy for curbing migration to the United States from Central America zeroes in on job creation, economic investment and support for human rights. Biden administration officials say it is showing results, but analysts caution against unrealistic expectations. Aline Barros, VOA’s immigration reporter reports.

From Titanic travelers to textile tycoons, Arab Americans have long been part of the American story

The term slacks, meaning pants worn during relaxation activities, was coined by an Arab American. Joseph Haggar, a Lebanese immigrant, founded the iconic Haggar men’s clothing brand in 1926. “He settled in Texas, and he started this pant company that was extremely successful in the 20th century,” says Diana Abouali, director of the Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. “He also revolutionized the way that pants and clothing were mass produced.” VOA’s Dora Mekouar has the story.

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UK lawmakers debate controversial plan to send migrants to Rwanda

Lawmakers debated the government's plan to start sending undocumented migrants to Rwanda. The controversial bill is expected to finally pass later this week.

Immigration around the world

Cyprus suspends processing of Syrian asylum applications

Cyprus said Saturday it's suspending the processing of all asylum applications by Syrian nationals because large numbers of refugees from the war-torn country continue to reach the island nation by boat, primarily from Lebanon. In a written statement, the Cypriot government said the suspension is also partly because of ongoing efforts to get the European Union to redesignate some areas of the war-torn country as safe zones to enable repatriations. The Associated Press reports.

Young Sudanese refugees cope with loss, long for peace

The baby was a newborn when the war broke out in Sudan. No one knew how old she was because her biological mother was missing. A 20-year-old refugee, Ghufran Hamed Al-Nour, took responsibility for the baby, referred to as Deborah in this report. "I feel like I am her mother," Ghufran said. "I feel pity for her for the things we went through in Sudan." Sheila Ponnie reports for VOA from South Sudan.

News brief

— Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas delivered a statement at a Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs hearing on the fiscal 2025 budget request for the Department of Homeland Security.

“Our immigration system, however, is fundamentally broken. Only Congress can fix it. Congress has not updated our immigration enforcement laws since 1996 – 28 years ago. And, only Congress can deliver on our need for more border patrol agents, asylum officers and immigration judges, facilities, and technology.”