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Watchdog Report Criticizes DEA's Use of Confidential Sources

FILE A Drug Enforcement Administration officer walks into a medical clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas., Wednesday, May 20, 2015.

A government watchdog says the Drug Enforcement Administration does a poor job of overseeing payments to the confidential sources it uses.

The Justice Department's inspector general issued a critical report Thursday of the DEA's use of confidential informants.

The report says the DEA had paid nearly $500,000 to a confidential source who was no longer supposed to be used as a source after being found to have given false testimony in trials and depositions.

The report says the DEA paid an estimated $26.8 million to tipsters who operate with minimal supervision and without direction from the agency.

The DEA says it issued a new policy in July that it says addresses most of the concerns in the inspector general's report.