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White House Teams With Health Insurance Industry to Fix Obamacare Website

  • VOA News

White House press secretary Jay Carney gestures while talking about problems with the Obamacare website during his daily news briefing at the White House in Washington, Oct. 23, 2013.
The White House is teaming up with some of the country's top health insurance companies to fix the technical problems that have been plaguing the Obamacare website.

Thousands of people who have tried to log on to the site since October 1 have run into problems, preventing them from signing up for the new health insurance program. Some users complain of long wait times. Others have their passwords rejected, and some users say they are being given conflicting prices for the same health plan.

The White House said Wednesday it is working 24 hours a day with experts to fix the technical issues.

Spokesman Jay Carney said the Obama administration anticipated there would be some problems with the website, but did not expect the scale of these problems.

Republicans opponents to the Affordable Health Care Act say the computer problems illustrate their demands that the law is not ready and must be delayed.

Under the new law, people without private health insurance can sign up for government subsidized insurance through the website. Those who fail to have any insurance would pay a penalty. Some Democrats are demanding the administration postpone those penalties for the uninsured because of the problems with the website.