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Whoever Thought of Final Exams Should Be...

I follow a lot of blogs by college students, and this week, every single one of them was talking about final exams. Want to know how much people enjoy taking finals in America? The answer is, about as much as they do anywhere else. Some of my favorite posts:
A badass playlist is essential to surviving any finals week. For paper-writing, I prefer pop music ... For finals during fall semester, I definitely bust out the Christmas music. I may or may not have over 14 hours of Christmas music in my iTunes library....

Finals survival guide, Oberlin Blogs

Al's Narratives

As of right now, my brain is completely fried. I’ve been reviewing for my finals over the past few days, and my head seriously hurts ... It’s really annoying, and I don’t like it. I want to take a nap, but I don’t trust my alarm clocks anymore, so that’s out.

Burnout edition, The Music Plays You

This is what happens when you're too hungover to study the weekend before finals. You make an epic fort in your apartment.

A look at nonsensical headquarters, University of Nonsensical Happenings

It was a long week. Five Finals is too many ... I knew throughout Fall Quarter that Finals Week was going to be a special kind of crazy. I even attempted to brace for impact, making absolutely no plans for Saturday or Sunday before Finals Week. Instead, I stayed in and studied my eyeballs out.

Five-final frenzy, Buckeyes Blog

So, should whoever thought of finals be punched in the face or have a pepper squeezed in his eye, or do you have a more creative suggestion? Either way, if you're in the midst of finals, good luck!

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