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Wife of Texas Judge Charged in Killings of 2 Prosecutors

  • VOA News

Kim Williams (Sheriff's Office of Kaufman County, Texas)
Authorities in north Texas say the wife of a former local judge has been charged with capital murder, after admitting her involvement in the shooting deaths of two local prosecutors and the wife of one of the officials.

Police in Kaufman, Texas say Kim Williams was arrested early Wednesday, after telling investigators that she and her husband were involved in the March 30 killings of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife. Court documents show Williams also confessed to her and her husband's involvement in the shooting death of assistant prosecutor Mark Hasse two months earlier.

Her bond has been set at $10 million.

Williams's husband, former justice of the peace Eric Williams, was arrested last week on charges of making a "terroristic threat" connected to the case. His bond was set at $3 million.

Months before the killings, prosecutor McLelland and assistant Mark Hasse had prosecuted Eric Williams for the theft of three computer monitors from a local public building. Williams was found guilty of felony theft and later lost his job as justice of the peace.