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Wikileaks Publishes 20,000 Leaked Emails from Macron’s Campaign

FILE - French President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech during his inauguration at the handover ceremony at the Elysee Palace in Paris, May 14, 2017.

Whistleblowing site Wikileaks has published more than 20,000 leaked emails it says it has verified to be from now French President Emmanuel Macron’s campaign.

Months after the emails were initially leaked and posted online before the election, Wikileaks says it has verified the authenticity of 21,075 of them using DomainKeys Identified Mail, or DKIM.

Wikileaks has posted the remainder of the emails, 50,000 more, “for context”. All the emails are available to the public in a searchable archive, with verified messages flagged as such.

France's election campaign commission said in May "a significant amount of data," some of it likely fake, had been leaked on social networks after a cyberattack on the presidential campaign of thrn candidate Macron.

The leak came 36 hours before France's runoff election in which Macron beat far-right candidate Marine Le Pen.

French election officials said the leaked data apparently came from the computer systems and email accounts of Macron and some of his campaign managers.