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Woman Fired After Making Obscene Gesture at Trump


This file photo taken on October 28, 2017 shows a woman on a bike gestures with her middle finger as a motorcade with U.S. President Donald Trump departs Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, Virginia.

A federal government contractor has fired an employee for posting a photo of herself making an obscene gesture at President Donald Trump's motorcade.

A White House press photographer captured Juli Briskman riding a bicycle and raising her middle finger at the presidential limousine as it drove to the Trump National Golf Club outside Washington last month.

"He was passing by and my blood just started to boil," Briskman told The Huffington Post news website. "I'm thinking 'he's at the damn golf course again.'"

It is unclear if Trump saw her.

The picture of Briskman letting the president know what she thinks about him immediately appeared in newspapers and social media and on Briskman's own Facebook page.

Although Briskman's face is not seen in the photo, she felt compelled to alert her bosses at Akim, a building firm that does work for the government.

The company fired her three days later, saying she violated its policy against so-called lewd or obscene social media postings.

Briskman says she has contacted the American Civil Liberties Union. She has not made it clear whether she will fight to get her job back, but said she does not regret her actions and would do it again.