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WWII Vet Begins Journey to Reunite with Wartime Girlfriend

A World War II veteran has embarked on a 10,500-mile journey to visit his wartime girlfriend after more than 70 years apart.

The Virginian-Pilot reports that 93-year-old Norwood Thomas boarded a plane from Norfolk to Australia on Sunday to reunite with Joyce Morris.

They first met in London shortly before D-Day but ended up going their separate ways after the war had ended.

Thomas calls Morris "the one that got away.''

They recently reconnected via Skype. After their story went public, hundreds of people made donations to help fund Thomas' trip to Australia. Air New Zealand arranged the flight to send Thomas to his long-lost love.

It will take two days to reach Australia. Thomas says he would rather die traveling there than sit at home wondering "what if?''