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Yemeni Journalist Killed in Car Blast in Aden

Firemen extinguish flames on the car of journalist Saber al-Haidari, who was killed by an explosive device explosion in Aden, Yemen, June 15, 2022.

A Yemeni journalist was killed Wednesday in a car explosion in Aden, police said, the latest incident of violence in Yemen's southern port city.

Initial investigations indicate that an explosive device had been planted on the car driven by Saber al-Haidari, according to a police statement published by the southern armed forces in Aden.

The statement did not specify which media outlet Haidari, 40, worked for.

Firefighters doused the charred wreckage of the car on a main street in Aden, which has seen an increase in violence in recent months.

A car bombing in March killed a senior Yemeni military leader and three of his entourage in what authorities described as an attack by "terrorist elements."

Last November, a pregnant Yemeni journalist was killed in a car explosion. Her husband, also a journalist, was injured.

Yemen has been mired in a seven-year conflict between a Saudi Arabian-led military coalition and the Iran-aligned Houthi movement that largely holds North Yemen.

Among Yemen's many destabilizing forces are Islamist military groups such as al-Qaida and Islamic State that in the past have carried out attacks, including in the south.