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Zimbabwe President Undergoes Prostate Surgery

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe (file photo)
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe (file photo)

Diplomats and Zanu-PF sources say Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, who turns 87 next month, is in a hospital in Malaysia after a prostate operation.

According to diplomatic and political sources in Harare, Mugabe had medical examinations while on his annual holiday earlier this month in Malaysia. He returned home to Harare, but his prostate suddenly flared and he returned to Kuala Lumpur and had it removed.

Diplomatic sources in Harare and South Africa say although this was a "serious" operation and Mugabe was ill, he is expected to return to Zimbabwe in about a week's time and a full recovery is expected.

Mugabe, who is in a troubled inclusive government with the Movement for Democratic Change, has had remarkable health.

Last month, at the Zanu PF annual conference he said he would lead his party in fresh elections later this year.

Coalition government Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change says elections should only be held when substantial political and legislative reforms and a new constitution are in place.

Mr. Mugabe has three children with his much younger second wife Grace.