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Zimbabwe’s MDC Party Said to be Too Weak

  • Peter Clottey

Zimbabwe's unity government

The deputy chairman of the National Constitutional Assembly in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria said Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) is in an unenviable position in the unity government after Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai expressed disappointment in President Robert Mugabe.

George Mkwananzi said the MDC party is behaving like a trapped animal unable to untangle itself from its predicament.

“They (MDC) still see some relevance for them to continue inside but, they still continue to be humiliated and embarrassed by Mr. Robert Mugabe within the unity government. So, they don’t know what to do. They would want to walk out, but they see all the ghastly probabilities of the kind of horror that was experienced before the unity government.”

Mkwananzi also said that despite the condemnation, the MDC is still operating as a partner in the unity government.

Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

Prime Minister Tsvangirai Thursday accused Mr. Mugabe of unilaterally appointing officials into the unity government which he said flouts the Global Political Agreement that led to the formation of the current administration.

Recently, President Mugabe single handedly appointed the reserve bank governor, the attorney general, five judges, six ambassadors and the police service commission without any input from the MDC.

Mr. Tsvangirai vowed that his party will not recognize what he described as Mr. Mugabe’s autocratic appointments.

Mkwananzi said embattled President Mugabe keeps having his way in the unity government despite protests from the MDC.

“It’s an important decision or protest on the part of MDC but it will not mean anything to ZANU-PF, once they have deployed their cadres to take up positions in those areas. They will continue to do the job according to the instructions of their employer, in this case Robert Mugabe and ZANU-PF. So, MDC can only complain and complain, but that won’t create any difference.”