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Zimbabwe's Mugabe Sworn In for Another Term

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has been sworn in for another term, which is to extend his 33 years in power by another five years.

Supporters cheered and waved Zimbabwe's flag as the 89-year-old leader took his oath at an outdoor stadium in Harare on Thursday.

"I, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, swear that I be faithful and bear true allegiance to Zimbabwe and observe the laws of Zimbabwe, so help me God."

Outgoing Prime Minister Tsvangirai boycotted Thursday's ceremony. His MDC party had challenged the results of the July 31 polling, saying the voting was rigged.

On Tuesday, the constitutional court dismissed the challenge.

Some Western nations have also raised concerns about the voting.

On Thursday, Britain called for an independent investigation of the election results, which gave Mr. Mugabe a landslide victory over Mr. Tsvangirai.

Mr. Mugabe said he was dismissing Western powers who had a "negative view" of the election process as "vile."

Mr. Mugabe and some senior officials in his ZANU-PF party have been targeted in Western sanctions.

Mr. Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since the country won independence in 1980.

The ZANU-PF party and the MDC previously were the main parties in a power-sharing government formed under SADC pressure after the disputed and violent 2008 elections.