Map of Tripoli, Libya

CAIRO - Officials from an armed group fighting for control of Libya's capital say a U.S. military drone was shot down last week by mistake.
The self-styled Libyan National Army has already said it shot down an Italian drone in recent days.
The U.S. military hasn't given a reason for its drone's loss, and refused to comment Monday.
The Libyan National Army, led by Gen. Khalifa Hifter, is allied with a rival Libyan government based in the country's east. It's been trying to capture Tripoli since April.
The LNA officials say they mistook the U.S. drone for a Turkish-made drone used by the Tripoli forces. The LNA imposed a “no-fly zone” over Tripoli on Saturday.
The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorized to brief the media.

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