General view of Kaaba at the Grand Mosque which is almost empty of worshippers, after Saudi authority suspended umrah (Islamic…
FILE - Kaaba at the Grand Mosque is nearly empty of worshippers after the Saudi authority suspended umrah (the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca) amid fear of the coronavirus outbreak, at Muslim holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, March 6, 2020.

RIYADH - Saudi Arabia will gradually resume the year-round umrah pilgrimage from October 4, the interior ministry said Tuesday, after it was suspended in March because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

In the first stage, "6,000 citizens and residents within the kingdom will be allowed to perform the umrah per day from October 4," the ministry said in a statement published by the official Saudi Press Agency. 

Visitors from outside the kingdom will be permitted from November 1, when umrah's capacity will be raised to 20,000 pilgrims per day, the ministry said. 

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