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VOA Immigration Unit

Portrait of Aline Barros

Aline Barros

Aline Barros writes about American immigration policy as it relates to DREAMers, asylum cases, international deportations and the immigration courts. Originally from Brazil, Aline holds a broadcast journalism degree from University of Maryland. She has covered immigration since 2013. @AlineBarros2

Portrait of Ramon Taylor

Ramón Taylor

Ramón Taylor has covered the U.S./Mexico border and the effect of U.S. policies on diaspora communities across the U.S. A New York-based multimedia journalist, he previously produced for CNN en Español and Telemundo in Washington. Ramón is an International Relations graduate from Johns Hopkins University. @ramonctaylor

Portrait of Victoria Macchi

Victoria Macchi

From human trafficking to the U.S. refugee program, Victoria Macchi has covered immigration since 2011. Data-driven reporting and human rights are her staples. She has an undergraduate degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, a Masters in Human Rights from Columbia University and a deep love for her home state of Florida. @vmmacchi

Portrait of June Soh

June Soh

June is an amazing “one-woman-band”: videographer, writer, video editor and producer. Exploring the beautiful side of Syria, touring immigrant restaurants and visiting a refugee-only clinic, June records the richness of immigrant life and its contribution to the U.S. She started out as a broadcast journalist in Korea. She has received a New York Festivals World's Best Television & Films Award, among others.