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Los Angeles Takes On Cybercriminals
As the world becomes more connected people are vulnerable of being victims of cybercriminals. Police departments, hospitals, universities and businesses everywhere are also at risk. VOA's Elizabeth Lee shows how the city of Los Angeles is fighting this problem, by sharing and pooling critical information about cyberattacks.
Making a Virtual Arm Move May Help a Real Arm Move With Stroke Patients
Brain computer interface and virtual reality may help stroke patients move again
A Female Drone Community Blooms Despite Industry Attempt to Target Men
Women drone flyers redefine what it means to fly a drone through new group
Intelligent Threat-Sensing Building on Horizon
A smart building that can sense an active shooter and protect its occupants is not too far away
With 3D-Printed Tissues, Bioengineers Are One Step Closer to 3D-Printed Organs
Bioengineers are working on 3D-printed tissues that may one day be implanted into humans
Scientists Study Whether Virtual Reality Can Prevent Cognitive Decline, Dementia
An exercise bike and a dose of VR could be the answer to fending off memory loss in the future
Want to Buy Leftover Food at a Discount? There's an App for That
According to the United Nations, a third of the world's food is either lost or wasted every year. Two startups are tackling food waste at the local level, allowing businesses to sell their leftovers at a discount instead of throwing everything away. Tina Trinh reports.