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Patients Explore the Heart from Within Through Virtual Reality
A new VR experience allows patients and families to better understand heart surgery.
Graffiti That Jumps, Technology Makes Art Come to Life
Artists are bringing their artwork into a new dimension using augmented reality. Deana Mitchell gets in on the action
A Smart Apron That’s Like an Extra Set of Hands
Online cooking videos are an indispensable tool for at-home chefs, but using a mobile device in the kitchen can get messy. A New York University student has solved the problem by turning the traditional apron into a remote control for devices. Tina Trinh reports.
On The Road, AI Eyes Protect Distracted Drivers
Nudging a distracted driver’s eyes back to the road
No ID Papers? Technology to the Rescue
A US company uses biometrics to help people around the world
A Wheelchair that Moves with a Kiss, a Smile or Raised Eyebrows
Getting around in a wheelchair takes some maneuvering, but Wheelie makes it as easy as raising your eyebrows. Tina Trinh reports.
Jumping Like a Lemur, Flying Like a Dragonfly – Robots That Mimic Animal Movements May Be On Their Way
Salto, a one-legged robot inspired by a primate from Senagal, can jump like a Pogo stick, Why? To create better robots that can go out into the world
A Blockchain Remedy for Handwritten Prescriptions
Doctors’ scrawls and scribbles are notoriously hard to read. Electronic prescriptions remedy the problem but around the world and especially in developing countries, the technology isn’t always accessible. One possible solution? Blockchain, the same technology underpinning cryptocurrency transactions. Tina Trinh reports.
Virtual Reality Art Show Transports Visitors Into Alternate Realities
Virtual reality, or VR, is not just a medium for software engineers who can code. Artists and filmmakers are exploring the stories they can tell with VR. A collection of such experiences are now a part of an art show called Robot Remix. The art show challenges visitors to rethink their relationship with technology, robots and the world. VOA’s Elizabeth Lee reports from the show in Pasadena, California.
 LogOn: AI Anti-Poaching Tool
Park rangers may soon have a powerful tool to help fight poachers thanks to artificial intelligence