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Beattie Report on Burma Violence

Beattie Report on Burma Violence
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Q&A Robertson & Beattie / Burma Violence / Muslim rights group has condemned what it calls the increasing anti-Muslim propaganda and organized killings of Muslims in Burma, as reports of sectarian violence in central Burma spread south toward the administrative capital, Naypyidaw (NAY-pih-daw). The Arakan Rohingya National Organization released a statement Saturday saying police and security forces did nothing to control riots in Meikhitila (MEK-till-uh), where Buddhist-Muslim clashes last week left at least 32 people dead. The violence began Wednesday, when an argument between a Buddhist customer and a Muslim shopkeeper spilled into the street. By Friday, entire neighborhoods had been burned to the ground, mosques had been reduced to ashes and gangs of Buddhists and Muslims roamed the streets. Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director of Human Rights Watch in Bangkok told VOA's Victor Beattie the government does not seem yet to have the situation under control.